Media Weather Forecast Award (until 2020)

This Award was given until 2020. Recognizing and responding to the changing environment of (social) media and societies worldwide, this award was – together with the Broadcast Meteorologist Award – transformed into a new The EMS Communicating Weather & Climate Award. This award is announced for the first time in 2024, and continued on an annual basis.

The Media Weather Forecast Award (formerly TV Weather Forecast Award) is presented to individuals to acknowledge best practice in communication of meteorology to the public. The Award is presented annually in form of a trophy.

Broadcasters and digital media weather presenters are invited each year to submit a video clip of a weather forecast, produced during the period given in the announcement, for presentation at the EMS Annual Meeting of the respective year. All those who submit a video clip are eligible for the Media Weather Forecast Award.

The Award is normally presented during the EMS Annual Meeting and the forecast highlighted on the EMS website Best Practice section.

Terms of reference

Name and scope of the Award

EMS Media Weather Forecast Award

The EMS Media Weather Forecast Award is given annually in recognition of an outstanding example of a video weather forecast that has been broadcast on “traditional” media or widely disseminated via the internet.

Eligibility and Decision Process

All broadcast meteorologists and digital media weather presenters who submit a video clip, produced during the period since August of the preceding calendar year are eligible for the TV Weather Forecast Award. Entries should demonstrate the use of on-camera and graphic communication techniques. The clip should be submitted in .mp4 format, and should not exceed four minutes in length.

A selection committee, consisting of the Chair of the EMS Media and Communication Team, the winner of the Award in the preceding year, and at least two experts will decide on who will be the Laureate. The committee will normally work by e-mail.

The documentation required for the proposal in addition to the video clip are a description of the video clip and a statement giving permission
(i) to show the video clip during the EMS Annual Meeting,
(ii) to include it in the electronic publication of the Media Session, and
(iii) to include a description of the video clip on the EMS internet site as example of good practice in broadcast meteorology.


The Award consists of a trophy and is presented during the EMS Annual Meeting.

Previous Awardees

2011: Jean Byrne, Ireland

2010: Florin Busuioc, Romania

2009: Danny Roup, Israel

2008: Jill Peeters, Belgium

2007: Francis Wilson, United Kingdom

2006: Jay Trobec, United States