Outreach & Communication Award

The Outreach & Communication Award is presented to projects that explore new ways to communicate the science of meteorology, climatology and related fields and its consequences to the general public. The Award is presented in form of a trophy during the EMS Annual Meeting.

Projects or candidates may be proposed by EMS Member Societies, EMS Associate Members and individual members of EMS Member Societies, individual members of the EMS Council and the Media and Communication Team, or individual members of the select committee.

EMS Outreach and Communication Award 2022 for Extreme WeatherCongress and De Weerman podcast

In 2022, two outstanding projects were honoured with the EMS Outreach and Communication Award: The ExtremeWeatherCongress, Germany, and the Podcast De Weerman, The Netherlands. They both fulfil communication needs on climate issues and are valuable tools to communicate weather and climate information. The contributions keep on living in the internet, and interested people can find them.

Podcast De Weerman
EMS2022, Peter Kuipers Munneke of De Weerman Podcast, winner of the EMS Outreach and Communication Award 2022, giving a presentation
Peter Kuipers Munneke of De Weerman, receiving the Award trophy (photo: Geza Aschoff)

The Podcast De Weerman is an attractive and popular format with an impressive community of followers. It is produced by the Dutch Public Broadcasting Association. “he combination of climate expertise, TV and journalistic expertise are a perfect mixture to communicate difficult facts. Interviews with relevant stakeholders, people involved in weather and climate are lively aspects of communication and relate to experience with all kinds of weather and climate issues reaching from the past to the future.”


EMS2022, Frank Böttcher of ExtremeWeatherCongress, giving a presentation (photo: Geza Aschoff, Germany)
Frank Böttcher at EMS2022 (photo: Geza Aschoff)

The ExtremeWeatherCongress, started in 2006 and taking place ever since,  is a huge long-term effort with an extensive press-coverage and alongside presence in media-channels, newspapers and social-networks, widening the interest in conference topics supplemented by comprehensive fact-sheets about the actual state of the climate in general and especially in Germany. It is organized and moderated by Frank Böttcher.


Submissions for the 2024 Award will be invited from autumn 2023.

Terms of Reference

Name and scope of the Award

The EMS Outreach & Communication Award

The EMS Outreach & Communication Award is given annually in recognition of projects that explore new and effective ways to communicate the science of meteorology, climatology and related fields to the general public. This can include the results and consequences of the science, and can also be targeted at a more specific audience. In particular project teams will be considered for the award, however individual achievements will also be considered.

There may be more than one project selected for the award in each year.

Eligibility and Decision Process

A selection committee, consisting of the Chair of the EMS Media Team, a member of the Awards Committee and the Chair of the Education Team, plus at least three more experts, appointed by the EMS Council on a yearly basis, will decide on who will be the Laureate(s). The selection committee will normally work by e-mail.

Candidates/projects may be proposed by:

  1. EMS Member Societies, EMS Associate Members and individual members of EMS Member Societies.
  2. Individual members of the EMS Council and the Media and Communication Team.
  3. Individual members of the selection committee.

The documentation required for the proposal is a description of the aims of the project and a plan how these are to be achieved. An example of the realisation (a presentation, video of a presentation etc) will have to be included in the documentation and, in addition, a short description of the background of the project team (members) will be required.


The Laureate(s) will receive a trophy that will be presented during the Media Session of the EMS Annual Meeting.
The documentation of the project will be published as an example of Best Practice on the EMS Website.

Previous Awardees

2015: We are Water Foundation, Spain

2014: MetOffice STEM Outreach Programme, United Kingdom

2014: Turbulence, Czech Republic

2013: Siri Kalvig, Norway

2012: Kappflygning, Norway

2012: The Irish Met Society Committee, Ireland

2011: Mountain Wave Project, Germany

2011: theWeather Club, United Kingdom

2010: Météo Jeune Regional Meetings, France

2009: Rob van Dorland & the Platform Communication on Climate Change, The Netherlands