Harry Otten Prize

The Harry Otten Foundation has announced the Harry Otten Prize for Innovation in Meteorology 2011.

The winner of the prize receives € 25,000, and it is also foreseen to grant a lower amount for the second and third prize. Winners will retain full rights to their ideas but when wanted help is offered to realize the winning ideas.

Nominations are invited with a biennial cycle, with the next award announced this year (2018) and the prize presented at the EMS2019 in Copenhagen.

Prize 2017

The prize in 2017 was presented during the EMS Annual Meeting in Dublin in  September 2017. The winner is Lee Chapman for his idea to use low-cost sensors and the Internet of Things to advance weather forecasts.

More details on the Harry Otten Prize and recipients see http://www.harry-otten-prize.org/.

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