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A quarter of a century: The EMS@25

The EMS was formally established in September 1999 in Norrköping, At the EMS2024 opening session we will use the opportunity to look back at what the EMS has achieved, what role it plays today within the European meteorological community and where its future lies. We have invited personalities who have been involved in the development of the EMS over the last quarter of a century.[more]

First season of the EMS Webinar series

The first series of EMS Webinars was held this spring, with five very different, but all highly interesting topics and great speakers. Revisit the events on our YouTube Channel. The upcoming EMS Council and General Assembly sessions will decide if and how the event series will continue.[more]

The EMS Annual Report 2023 published

The EMS Annual Report 2023 summarises all the important activities of the EMS, including the development of new initiatives during the past year. It also highlights the members of the Council and the Committees, i.e. the people who are active in shaping the EMS, as well as showcasing the awardees of the past year.[more]

ECMWF Forecast User Side Event at EMS2024

ECMWF is excited to be running a side event at EMS2024 to complement its annual Using ECMWF’s Forecasts (UEF) event. This side event will consist of four sessions, each session will have a focal topic for discussion, two sessions will have a moderated attendance and two will be drop-in sessions open to all.[more]

EMS Young Scientist Award 2024: Bianca Mezzina

The recipient of the EMS Young Scientist Award 2024 is Bianca Mezzina, Italy, currently working at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. She was nominated with the publication “Contributions of atmospheric forcing and ocean preconditioning in the 2016 Antarctic sea ice extent drop”.[more]

EMS Webinar: The operationalisation of climate projections

The EMS Webinar series continues. Our speaker this time will be Ricardo García Herrera, a Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He will show how testimonies of weather and sea conditions since the early times of the sailing era were kept, how they can be converted [more]

Workshop on Mindful Climate Communication

This half-day workshop will be held as a pre-event to the EMS2024 on 1 September in Barcelona. The title reflects the fact that we want to raise awareness of the diverse psychological and social components that are involved in climate communication. It is funded by the EMS and the FutureMED COST action. Registration opens in the coming days.[more]

What does AI mean for weather forecasting?

The WeatherPod team has been developing  a new in depth focus on Artifical Intelligence and weather forecasting, with three new episodes to view and hear: an interview about ‘AI for Numerical Weather Prediction’, the second about developing physics-based trustworthy AI methods, and the third episode about [more]

Introducing the new Journal of the EMS

The EMS is excited to announce the launch of the new Journal of the EMS: JEMS is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal, publishing international research and review articles of general interest and relevance about weather, climate and related fields.[more]