Associate professor position in offshore wind energy

University of Bergen, Norway
Closing date: 07 September 2018

There is a vacancy for an associate professor at the Geophysical Institute in offshore wind energy. The department wishes to strengthen research and education programs aimed at renewable energy and energy transformation focusing on wind energy at sea.

Energy production from wind at sea will play an important role in the global transformation of energy supply. Competence to assess environmental forces on ocean wind turbines, use of experimental and numerical methods, cost effective design, variability of wind energy resources and integration of variable renewable energy into the energy systems are all current topics relevant to the position. Climate variability provide fundamental framework conditions for wind energy production as well as for the utilization of solar and wave energy. It is thus important that the education in energy has an interdisciplinary profile and foster cooperation between relevant activities at the Geophysical Institute (GFI) and other academic environments at the University of Bergen. The successful candidate must have ambitions within research and education that addresses those needs.

GFI also conducts research on large-scale circulation phenomena and on exchange of water masses between polar regions and world oceans. There is an extensive activity around the marine carbon cycle, both experimentally and theoretically, and on numerical simulations with atmospheric- and ocean models as well as global coupled climate models. Several parts of the meteorological research are relevant to the current position, such as activities related to ocean wind, air-sea-ice interaction and meteorological processes important for weather forecasts.

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