AME Meteoreportaje winner photo

Carlos Castillejo Balsera is the winner of the AME Meteoreportaje 2016, the contest of the Spanish Meteorological Society, with his report with the title “Momentos”.  Roberto Porto Mata won the Meteovideo, the AME video competition, with the video “La Ley del cielo”.

AME’s  Photography and Video Competitions have been running year after year, in the case of the Meteo-reportaje for 12, and the Meteovídeo for 5 years. From now on they will be held with a biennial cycle, alternating with the Europhotometeo.

The regulations and call for submissions for the next editions of Meteo-reportaje and Meteovídeo will be published towards the end of 2018. Works including images taken during 2017 and 2018 will be acceptable.

All admitted reports of the Meteo-reportaje 2016 can be viewed at,
the videos of Meteovídeo at the AME Fotometeo Gallery


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