Amanda Ruggeri wins EMS Journalist Award 2019

Amanda Ruggeri, UK, has been selected to receive the EMS Journalist Award 2019 for her article “Miami’s fight against rising seas” which was published on 4 April 2017 on the BBC’s website:

Amanda Ruggeri is Editor, London Features and Editor, BBC Future. Her article addresses the issue of rising seas due to climate change. She presents the impact of climate change in the Miami area, focusing on various aspects of the subject – environmental, social and political.  She also includes statements from people with different points of view. The article is well-documented with scientific facts but is also very extensive and detailed in terms of environmental impact.  Her story on Miami brings the climate issue closer to home and shows how sea level rise is not only an issue for distant islands. She shows the seriousness and risks of the situation; at the same time it becomes obvious how the inhabitants of Miami close their eyes and continue their lives as if nothing is happening. “If one of the richest communities on the planet can’t step up, what hope is there for everyone else?” she asks.


Amanda Ruggeri addresses the important issue of the impacts of climate change. She covers various aspects of the subject – environmental, social and political – while presenting different points of view through personal statements: Good storytelling and presentation of dilemmas.

The Awardee

Amanda Ruggeri, UK
Amanda Ruggeri, UK

Amanda Ruggeri is a journalist, editor, photographer, video editor and sometimes on-screen host. She is a senior journalist and Editor, London Features and Editor, BBC Future. Her specialties are in narrative and feature reporting and digital multimedia.

She is a graduate of Yale (B.A., history) and Cambridge (M.Phil, international relations) universities, and has previously worked as a political reporter in Washington, D.C.

Award presentation

The Award will be presented to Amanda Ruggeri during the Media Session at the EMS Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, where she will share her experience and talk about how she approached the topic of her article.



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