AI for Natural Disaster Management

The European Meteorological Society is pleased to announce the initiation of the ITU/WMO/UNEP Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management (FG-AI4NDM). The focus group is building a community of experts and stakeholders to explore current practices (and untapped potential) in the use of AI to support:

  • data: collection/monitoring, handling;
  • modelling: reconstructing, forecasting, and projecting, and
  • communication (early warning systems, etc.) of natural disasters, including those of hydrometeorological origins.

The entire EMS community is welcome to participate. Please join the (low volume) mailing list and mark your calendar for the following events:

21 January: ITU “AI for Good Global Summit” Webinar on “Towards Responsible AI for Disaster Risk Management,” which will be moderated by UNEP and include presentations by the chair of FG-AI4NDM, Monique Kuglitsch, and the Director of the WMO Infrastructure Department, Anthony Rea.

15-17 March: opening workshop and meeting of FG-AI4NDM. The one-day workshop (10 am to 2 pm CET) will highlight exciting activities in this domain. In the meetings on the following two days (10 am – 2 pm CET), practical aspects of the focus group will be discussed and first use cases, i.e., natural disaster types, will be selected.
To propose a use case, please visit the FG-AI4NDM website for the document template (which includes instructions). Please note that the deadline to submit proposals and register for the event is 2 March.
For any issues concerning the joining of the mailing list or registering for the workshop/meeting, please contact the focus group secretariat (tsbfgai4ndm @ itu . int​​).

Mark the date:

Monique Kuglitsch, chair of FG-AI4NDM, will highlight the progress of the focus group in a strategic/townhall lecture at the EMS Annual Meeting in September 2021 (date tbd.)

Towards Responsible AI for Disaster Risk Management (photo rights: ITU)
Towards Responsible AI for Disaster Risk Management (photo rights: ITU)



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