Procedures for nomination of committee, team or board members

In order to enable more involvement of individual members of EMS Member organisations while at the same time ensuring these teams remain efficient in their work, the following was agreed at the 31st Council Session in October 2014:

  • Member Societies and Associates (hereafter referred to as EMS Members) should be informed by the EMS Executive Secretary when new members are sought for specific committees, project teams and boards; this should be done as early as possible before the Council’s decision on membership.
  • The bodies should aim at representing the diverse interests of EMS Members. The working groups, however, do not operate on representation of EMS Members but on personal capacity.
  • Members of the EMS bodies need to be members of one of the EMS Member Societies or a member of staff of an Associate Member.
  • EMS Members can suggest new candidates and should seek their agreement to actively contribute to the group before the suggestion is submitted.
  • EMS Members can make a proposal at any time.
  • Suggestions from EMS Members should be submitted to the EMS Executive Secretary.
  • The chair of a committee, board or team can independently take the initiative to approach individuals and seek their agreement to actively contribute to the group.
  • The committee, board or team selects among the proposed or identified individual(s) and submits the selection to Council for final acceptance.
  • Everybody should be aware that not all proposals may be accepted; the working groups need to stay at a size and with an expertise that allows effective working conditions. Reasons for non-selection of a proposal do not have to be given.