Media and Communication


  • Investigate the way presentations have an impact on the public.
  • Serve as a forum for exchange of experience between meteorologists working in media in different countries
  • Co-operate with weather presenters that are members of the AMS, IABM, WMO expert team and IWF


  • Organise the Media Session at the EMS Annual Meetings.
  • Announcement of EMS Media Awards
  • Production of a DVD/USB with video clips and presentations at the Media Session; distribution to all authors, libraries, organisations and societies within WMO RAVI.
  • Organise Training Workshops for climatologists on communication of climate change to the media.
  • Develop guidelines for communication on climate change.

Recent workshops and statements

Earlier Members of the Communication and Media team

  • Alois Holzer, ORF, Austria: former chair of the Journalist Award selection committee

Further Information