Liaison Committee


  • Oversee and further develop relationships with EMS Members and the wider meteorological community
  • Further develop relationships between EMS Members

EMS Liaison Committee: Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Liaison Committee is to oversee and further develop relationships (a) with EMS Members and the wider meteorological community and (b) between EMS Members. To achieve this, the Liaison Committee will:

  • Support the secretariat by providing advice about communications, and contributing to eliciting and preparing material to be included in communications.
  • Support the secretariat in enhancing and intensifying relationships between EMS and its Members.
  • Seek opportunities to enhance the way in which EMS Members and the wider meteorological community are kept informed about EMS activities.
  • Seek ways of promoting the activities of Member Societies and assisting them in sharing experiences and establishing collaborative activities.

The membership of the Liaison Committee and the Chair will be determined by Council. The length of term for membership and chair is three years; renewal is possible.

The Committee members

Members of the Liaison Committee, including a chair, are designated by EMS Council for a period of three years. They are eligible for one or more subsequent terms.
After Emily Gleeson, Sinead Duffy and Laura Zubiate had decided to not continue, the EMS Council has delayed the recruitment of new members of the Liaison Committee until a communication strategy has been developed. Find more details on the way to a new strategic plan here.

Earlier members of the Liaison Committee

  • Emily Gleeson, Ireland
    Committee member and chair 2017-2019
  • Sinéad Duffy, Ireland
    Committee member 2017-2019
  • Laura Zubiate, Ireland/Spain
    Committee member 2018-2019
  • Hanneke Luijting, The Netherlands
    Committee member 2017-2018; read her article on weather photography
  • Piia Post, Estonia
    Committee member 2017-2018; she is now the President of the newly established Estonian Meteorological Society
  • Fritz Neuwirt, Austria
    Committee member 2011-2018 (formerly Editorial Board)