A new website for the journal La Météorologie

Météo et Climat is pleased to announce that its journal La Météorologie has moved to a new website: https://lameteorologie.fr/ in August 2020. The website offers a simple and intuitive interface in French and in English, customized for your computer, smartphone or tablet, with a fast access to all issues published since 1993. There is also an easy-to-use search engine. Articles can be viewed, downloaded in PDF format, and shared on social media.

La Météorologie publishes news, articles and climate reports in French, with translation of the abstracts in English. Issues from the last two years are reserved to subscribers but some articles are in open access, as indicated by an orange unlocked padlock sign. All published items become open access after two years. Météo et Climat also offers open access without an embargo period to all institutions from developing countries via the OARE programme.

The new site is hosted by River Valley Technology (RVT), a UK company.

La-meteorologie landing page
La-meteorologie landing page


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