February 2019
Hello everyone,

This is the first ems-message of 2019! Firstly, we are delighted to announce that the EMS has a new Member Society: the Asociația Română de Meteorologie Aplicată și Educație (ARMAE), founded in 2017, with currently 20 members. You can find out about their plans and activities here.

This edition includes a lot of interesting articles about activities and events, ranging from a fun table quiz in Ireland to an overview on amazing educational activities in Hungary and the new phase of EUMETNET programmes. The latest interviews of the month make for a very interesting read: the January and February ones are with the President of the Croatian Meteorological Society and the President of the Royal Meteorological Society. We have also learned a lot from the interviews with individual members of the societies from Denmark and Hungary. The next interviews are already in line, but anybody who would like to contribute can just use the template we provide and email it to us.

Preparations for the EMS2019 in Copenhagen are in full swing with abstract submission now open: you find important information about the conference programme and the available award and support schemes in the EMS2019 post below. You are welcome to inform your colleagues about these opportunities.

We hope you will all find many articles of interest - and enjoy reading these. If you have suggestions for new topics or would like to share any experiences or articles with other colleagues – just send an email to publications@emetsoc.org. The submission deadline for the next issue is 1 March 2019; guidelines and a checklist are provided at https://www.emetsoc.org/publications/ems-message/.

Hrvoje Bobinac on behalf of the EMS Liaison Committee

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