December 2018
Hello everyone,

It has been just over a year since the EMS Editorial Board morphed into the Liaison Committee and took on the challenge of improving communication with our Members and Associate Members. To begin communicating more regularly with Member Societies, we firstly assigned responsibility for liaising with a few Member Societies to each member of the Liaison Committee and we feel that this has been quite effective. The LC Chair of the Liaison Committee, Emily Gleeson, has summarised our experience and vision in an article in this ems-message.

This edition also includes articles from different societies around Europe – and one by AME introducing the Latin American Federation of Meteorological Societies. You’ll find two reports from the Croatian Conference “Challenges in Meteorology”, one from the organisers and one from a participant. We invite you to read the interviews and to take a look at our tweets of the month.

This is the final edition of the ems-message for this year. Of course we’re looking forward to receiving your articles or news items you will send to us for the first edition of 2019. You'll find further information on how to submit articles here. As always if you have any suggestions for improvements or new content, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


We hope you enjoy reading the wide variety of articles in this edition. And if so we would be delighted if you invited others to sign up to the ems-message.

Have a happy holiday season!

Andrea Oestreich on behalf of the EMS Liaison Committee

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