60th Anniversary of the Czech Meteorological Society

This Autumn will mark 60 years since the foundation of the Czechoslovak Meteorological Society. The Society was established in 1958 due to the significant efforts of a few people from all major institutes involved in meteorology and climatology in both Czech and Slovak territory, with a strong contribution by Professor Hanzlik who passed away before the foundation itself. The Society was established within the framework of Scientific Societies of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science and  formally registered in 1959. Following the splitting of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic at the end of 1992, the Czech Meteorological Society was established in the territory of the Czech Republic in 1993.

The Society will celebrate its anniversary at the Annual Seminar in Prague on the 17-18 September 2018. The theme of the commemoration seminar will be “Meteorology – traditions and future”. Due to the special circumstances, many distinguished guests and representatives from academia, universities, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the private sector and amateur organisations have been invited and will participate. The participation of representatives of the Slovak Meteorological Society is also expected to celebrate our common anniversary.

The Czech Meteorological Society has traditionally been oriented towards professionals working in atmospheric sciences. However, the Society also aims to reach the general public, especially through outreach and education. We expect that this Anniversary Meeting and celebration will be very well attended and will include participants with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and hopefully new contacts and collaborations will be made with many sectors and stakeholders.

Tomas Halenka, President CMeS


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