#WMD: 10 year anniversary of Vilnius University Meteorological Station

World Meteorological Day events at Vilnius University, Department of Hydrology and Climatology

This year we celebrate the 10th birthday of Vilnius University automatic Meteorological Station (VU MS), which was inaugurated on March 23rd, 2012. It is the only station which represents microclimate of Vilnius Downtown. Data collected is used for scientific research, while major meteorological information is provided in real time. Real time information is important for Vilnius citizens and guests who need to know the weather in Vilnius Centre (http://www.hkk.gf.vu.lt/meterological-station/ ). Moreover, VU MS data is used by numerous companies that are responsible for Vilnius city infrastructure, for example, water supply.

This year, as a part of Meteorological Station anniversary celebrations, a guided tour at the station was open for everyone interested. Also, record values of various meteorological parameters measured at VU MS were analyzed. Analysis showed that the highest air temperature at our Meteorological Station was measured on August 3rd, 2014 (+35,9 °C), while the lowest – on January 7th, 2017 (-21,9 °C). The highest amount of rainfall was measured on July 11th, 2017 (55,9 mm per 24 hours). July of 2017 was also the wettest month since the beginning of measurements in our station. The total of 166,9 mm of rainfall was measured during that month.

Each year we celebrate the World Meteorological Day as a profession day. „Meteo and Water Days“ (since Water Day is celebrated one day earlier, on March 22)  have been started five years ago as an initiative of four students. The key events usually are an online quiz about meteorology and hydrology, a movie night and a conference at which industry experts who work at meteorology or hydrology companies present what they proud of.

by VU MS manager Laurynas Klimavičius
Department of Hydrology and Climatology
Vilnius University, Lithuania


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