12/12/2017 - 13/12/2017, London, UK
Symposium “Universities and Climate Change"

Recent extreme weather incidents such as the storms Harley and Alma in the United States, and the severe floods associated with the monsoon in South Asia, have emphasised the relevance of and the need for discussions in the impacts and means to handle extreme events.

Therefore as part of the Symposium “Universities and Climate Change”, to be held in London, UK on 12-13 December 2017 a Special Session will be held for university staff and other specialists undertaking research and/or performing projects which look at the technical, political, economic and social aspects of extreme events.

University staff and other specialists working on the on matters related to extreme events are warmly invited to present and discuss their research projects and activities on this important field.

The schedule prepared for the special session is as follows:

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 10th October 2017
  • Deadline for submission of presentations: 10th November 2017
  • Deadline for the submission of written contributions (papers) if desired (full papers are not mandatory): 30th January 2018

This specific schedule should enable potential participants to fit in the event with their busy schedules.

Expressions of interest to attend the special session “The Contribution of Universities in Understanding and Handling Extreme Events” consisting of a 200 words abstract
should be sent to: iusdrp@ls.haw-hamburg.de by 10th October 2017 at the latest.

Details on the Symposium can be seen at:

Information on climate-related events coordinated by ICCIP can be seen at: