Science in school: Highlighting the best science teaching and research
This is an on-line quarterly journal supported by a consortium of seven large European scientific organisations. It acts as a sort of portal for the best initiatives for education in science in Europe. Many languages cohabit on the site. The access is free.

Wetter.Wasser.Waterkant (in German)
An education programme by the association of climate ambassodors in Germany. The programme includes workshops on weather and climate, with hands-on research projects. The themes and concepts of the workshops are developed to tie in with school curricula of the relevant subjects.

The GLOBE Programme: Hands-on school-based science and education programme
“Worldwide Education Programme” for primary and secondary shools. Its aim is to bring together scientists, teachers and students in educational activities based on the analysis of actual observations of the environment gathered by the students themselves. It is a US interagency program implemented through a cooperation agreement between NASA and UCAR. Some material on the web site is available in languages other than english. There are regional or national correspondents all over the world.

DLESE Digital Library for Earth System Education
Supported by the NSF, DLESE is operated by NCAR. It provides material in electronic form for both teachers and learners: collections of educational resources, data sets and imagery, support services and communication networks. The site is characterised by an excellent ergonomy and by its efforts to guide the visitor step by step to an understanding of the available resource.

Klimahaus Educational climate museum Bremerhaven (in German and English)
Klimahaus is an exposition hall dedicated to understanding weather, climate and strategies to limit climate change.

Met Office Educational Site: Secondary education materials
Professionally made, public oriented, userfriendly. Educational material for kids, teenagers and teachers fitting the UK curriculum. Plus in-depth articles about all elements of weather forecastings systems days to decades ahead.

Resouces for teaching weather and climate at schools.

Earthwatch: Research, Education and Engagement
An institute fostering sustainable environment through research and/or field projects involving the general public.

Stop Disasasters! A disaster simulation game from UN/ISDR
You select a natural disaster (tsunami, hurricane, flood, earthquake, forest fire) and you find yourself in charge of saving lives and property.

Windows to the Universe, UCAR
Many pages explaining the Earth climate and climate change. The target is the general public. The articles are well written and illustrated. The organisation of the site is not very clear, in addition to English there is Spanish version available as well.

An non-profit association open to individual persons, to provide information about climate to schools and students. Works in nine European languages.

PhET – Interactive Simulations
Interactive simulations for Science and Math, collection of interactive simulations for spread of phenomena and basics of natural sciences, including Earth Science.