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DLESE Digital Library for Earth System Education
Supported by NSF, DLESE is operated by NCAR. It provides material in electronic form for both teachers and learners: collections of educational resources, data sets and imagery, support services and communication networks. The site is characterised by an excellent ergonomy and by its efforts to guide the visitor step by step to an understanding of the available resources.

EducaPoles Educational website International Polar Foundation
EducaPoles, operated by the International Polar Foundation (IPF) provides material not only about the polar regions but more generally about climate change to teachers of kids and teenagers. You need to register (free of charge) to access the material. IPF is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. The site is available in English, French and Dutch.

The GLOBE project Hands-on school-based science and education programme
“Worldwide Education Programme” for primary and secondary schools. Its aim is to bring together scientists, teachers and students in educational activities based on the analysis of actual observations of the environment gathered by the students themselves.
It is a US interagency programme implemented through a cooperation agreement between NASA and UCAR.
Some material on the web site is available in languages other than English. There are regional and national correspondents all over the world.

GLOBE Student Research Campaign on Climate
This component of GLOBE adresses studies of local climate and at larger scale through exchanges between teams. Note that GLOBE provides detailed measurement protocols for climate parameters and minimum specifications for measuring instruments.

Met Office Educational Site
Professionally made, public oriented, userfriendly. Educational material for kids, teenagers and teachers fitting the UK curriculum. Plus in-depth articles about all elements of weather forecastings systems days to decades ahead. Environmental Education Network
A Norwegian based program, similar to GLOBE in concept. It is specifically oriented towards environmental protection. For instance, about weather and climate the emphasis is on how to behave to limit one’s own CO2 emissions. Data and results are exchanged through the web site. Available in several languages.

Goddard space flight center education programs
There is broad spectrum of materials both for teachers and students (kids) of all grades at this site. Moreover, they offer various educational programs including internship opportunities designed to provide students with experiences that prepare them for careers in line with NASA Goddard and its industry and university partners requirements.

NASA The Planetary Atmospheres Data Node
This is a portal listing a number of sites providing information and material about the planets (including Earth). A starting point to find beautiful pictures from space.

ESRI Virtual campus: GIS education and training
ESRI is a commercial company specialising in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software and applications. They offer a comprehensive training programme, some of it free of charge.

Meteorology Guide Online
Proposed by the University of Illinois for high-school and undergraduate level. It provides online modules to learn about meteorology and weather forecasting. Rather outdated.

Atmosphere and Ocean in a Laboratory
This site of a “club” of three Japanese universities, describes and explains laboratory experiments about fluids. Interesting despite an ergonomy that makes it difficult to use.

Hurricanes: Science and Society (HSS)
The HSS website, launched by the University of RhodeIsland/Graduate School of Oceanography, provides information on the science of hurricanes, methods of observing hurricanes, modeling and forecasting of hurricanes, how hurricanes impact society, and how people and communities can prepare for and mitigate the impacts of hurricanes. It is targeted at educators, students, and the general public.

PhET – Interactive Simulations
Interactive simulations for Sceience and Math, collection of interactive simulations for spread of phenomena and basics of natural sciences, including Earth Science.