Meteorological Services, Institutes, Centres

Meteo-France Education pages (in French)
General public as well as expert information. Articles on a large number of subjects, studies, glossary…

Meteo-France – Research Branch
Research teams of Meteo-France provide for the public (three levels of knowledge) popularised articles on their research topics.

ESA – Education
A lot of material, mainly about space techniques. There is an ESA site dedicated to Earth observation offering beautiful pictures.

Met Office Educational Site
Professionally made, public oriented, userfriendly. Educational material for kids, teenagers and teachers fitting the UK curriculum. Plus in-depth articles about all elements of weather forecastings systems days to decades ahead.

NASA – Education
For educators and students at all levels. A lot of excellent material (not much about climate and meteorology).

National Severe Storm Laboratory NOAA
FAQ and lessons about weather, focusing particularly on severe weather associated with strong convection. Very clear and well done.