TV Weather Forecasts

The EMS is highlighting outstanding examples of good practice in TV Weather Forecasts at the Media Session of the EMS Annual Meetings and through a TV Weather Forecast Award.
This site is a compilation of the selected TV Forecasts.

Highlight 2018: TV Forecast Dunja Mazzocco Drvar, RTL Hrvatska.


The forecast by Dunja Mazzocco Drvar, Croatia, was selected for the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2018. The entry integrated climate information to put the forecast in perspective – the type of information that should be encouraged. The forecast consisted of general information, a regional forecast, and sea surface temperatures that viewers might find helpful. The broadcast was well-paced with clean graphics (photo ©RTL Hrvatska).

TV Forecast by Dunja Mazzocco Drvar (Croatia) on 28 May 2018, RTL Hrvatska

Forecast by Dunja Mazzocco Drvar, RTL Hrvatska (Award 2018)

Forecast by Helga van Leur, RTL The Netherlands (Award 2017)

Forecast by Jarosław Kret, Nowa TV, Poland (Honourable Mention 2017)

Forecast by Chloé Nabedian, France Televisions (Honourable Mention 2017)

Forecast by Martín Barreiro, TVE (Television Española), Spain (Award 2015)

Forecast by Monica Lopez, TVE (Television Española), Spain (Honourable Mention 2015)

Forecast by Desislava Banova, Nova Broadcasting Group, Bulgaria (Honourable Mention 2015)

Forecast by Kenyena Mollen, Uganda National Meteorological Authority (Honourable Mention 2015)

Forecast by Desislava Banova, Nova Broadcasting Group, Bulgaria (Honourable Mention 2014)

Forecast by Bo-Yee Poon, CCTV NEWS and XINHUA WORLD NEWS, China (Honourable Mention 2014)

Forecast by Jean Byrne, Ireland (Award 2011)

Forecast by Florin Busuioc, PRO TV Romania

Forecast by Danny Roup, Israel


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