Selected Posters at the EMS&ECAC 2010

Svetlana Reneva, State Hydrological Institute, St.Petersburgh: Effect of wetland types on methane emission from Russian frozen wetlands under conditionsof climate change (Poster P1-68 in session AW11 at the EMS&ECAC 2010). Link to Abstract

Selected poster EMS & ECAC 2010Citation:
The contribution is a clear and concise presentation of an important aspect of climatic change, namely a possible increased release of methane in the Russian Arcitc, a topic of high relevance for the living conditions in this sensitive environment.






Marie Berthelot, Laurant Dubus, and J. Gailhard, EDF, France: Improvement of ECMWF monthly forecasts of precipitation over France with an analog method (Poster P1-68 in session AW9 at the EMS&ECAC 2010). Link to Abstract

Poster P1-68

Citation: The contribution tackles an issue of high significance with an appropriate use of up-to-date forecasting tools and nevertheless presents the results in an easily understandable manner.