Selected Posters at the EMS&ECAM 2009

Maud Martet, M. Josse, Mr. Peuch, M. Peuch, and Mr. Bonnardot, Météo France, MOCAGE-accident: From research to operational applications (Poster P111 in Session AW11 at the EMS&ECAM 2009.) Link to Abstract

The contribution presents a comprehensive modelling study integrating various applications with a dedicated user-friendly interface for operational use. The poster is fit-to-purpose, and concentrates on the core message.







Helen Dacre and Suzanne Gray, University of Reading, (Poster P37 in Session AW2 at the EMS&ECAM 2009.) Link to Abstract

The contribution presents the use of innovative methodologies for classifying cyclone features and underpinning dynamics. The poster is well balanced, with clear statements and well summarized conclusions.