05/06/2017 - 07/07/2017, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
ESSL Testbed 2017

The ESSL Testbed is an annually returning event with the aim to enhance severe weather forecasting across Europe.

For whom is the Testbed?

The goal of the Testbed is twofold. First, it caters forecasters who want to learn how to forecast severe convective storms using state-of-the-art forecasting tools. Second, it is a hands-on evaluation of new, sometimes experimental, forecast products. This means that both forecasters and developers of forecast products have an interest in the Testbed.

In addition, other people having a background in meteorology are most welcome to participate as well.

What is new in 2017?

At the 2017 Testbed edition, there will be a number of new Testbed products, in particular based on satellite derived output of the Nowcasting-SAF.

Currently planned:

  • Nowcast-SAF satellite products
  • COSMO modelling system with KENDA data assimilation
  • COSMO model-based storm (rotation) track products
  • DWD Nowcast, Warning and Radar products
  • Probabilistic model-based estimation of convective hazards
  • European Weather OBserver (EWOB) data

Likely a number of additional products will be added as the ESSL Testbeds shall be integrated in the EUMETNET ASIST project.