12/06/2017 - 16/06/2017, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
ESSL Seminar: Forecasting Severe Convection II

A top-level seminar for advanced meteorologists and warning forecasters

Participants will be provided with a robust, up-to-date conceptual understanding of the governing processes of severe convective storms and forecasting strategies. Specific topics that will be covered, among others, include synoptic- and mesoscale lift, the spectrum of convective storm organization, severe weather phenomena such as large hail and tornadoes, and ingredients-based forecasting. The forecasting aspect is focused on assessing the overall severe convective threat over a given region as well as nowcasting storm development – including the convective evolution once storms are underway. In the morning sessions, we will cover the background material, and in the afternoon sessions there will be hands-on analysis and forecasting exercises using real-world cases.

New – optional Testimonial

In addition to the certificate of participation ESSL offers the opportunity to take the exam (“ESSL Testimonial – Forecasting Severe Convection II, Dynamics and Prediction of Severe Thunderstorms”), which certifies your understanding of the covered material.

Lecturer: Dr. Johannes Dahl, Texas Tech University