EMS Annual Meeting 2017: Serving Society with better Weather and Climate Information

The 2017 EMS Annual Meeting – European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology will take place
from 4 to 8 September 2017 at The Helix, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Conferenece Theme: Serving Society with better Weather and Climate Information

With this conference theme we aim to address a key challenge for the meteorological and climatological communities, namely how best to harness the wealth of data now available – both observational and modelled – to generate and communicate effectively relevant, tailored, and timely information and services, ensuring the highest quality support for users’ decision-making.

Find more details at http://www.ems2017.eu/conference_theme.html

New programme framework

To respond to developements and new challenges the Programme and Science committee is developing a new framework for the session programme, with three programme streams:

  • Understanding Weather & Climate Processes (UP)
  • Engagement with Society (ES)
  • Operational Systems and Applications (OSA)

More details are available at http://www.ems2017.eu/new_programme_streams.html.

Suggestions for new sessions are very welcome: proposals should be sent to ems-sec at emetsoc.org by 7 January 2017. From early February 2017 to 21 April 2017, everyone will be invited to submit their abstracts.

Please download the First Announcement flier for further information.