UK MetOffice STEM Outreach Programme

The EMS Outreach & Communication Award 2014 was presented to the UK MetOffice STEM Outreach Programme.

The Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programme is a very substantial and comprehensive outreach effort, sophisticated and ambitious. It uses many tools to reach out to both children and adults and communicates the joy of science, e.g. science camp, attendance at science fairs and last but not least with ambassadors. Some of the elements are also hands on, which is time consuming but can be so rewarding.

Particularly noteworthy also is the ‘open house’ experience where youngsters can meet the Met Office and sea and learn what is going on. The STEM Outreach Programme is great for building role models and putting a face on science, in addition to learning the science. This year’s World Meteorology Day theme was “Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth,” and the MetOffice’s STEM Outreach Programme is very relevant also from this point of view.