Liaison Committee (formerly Editorial Board)


  • Oversee and further develop relationships with EMS Members and the wider meteorological community
  • Further develop relationships between EMS Members

The purpose of the Liaison Committee is to oversee and further develop relationships (a) with EMS Members and the wider meteorological community and (b) between EMS Members. To achieve this, the Liaison Committee will:

  • Support the secretariat by providing advice about communications, and contributing to eliciting and preparing material to be included in communications.
  • Support the secretariat in enhancing and intensifying relationships between EMS and its Members.
  • Seek opportunities to enhance the way in which EMS Members and the wider meteorological community are kept informed about EMS activities.
  • Seek ways of promoting the activities of Member Societies and assisting them in sharing experiences and establishing collaborative activities.

The membership of the Liaison Committee and the Chair will be determined by Council. The length of term for membership and chair is three years; renewal is possible.

The committee members

  • Emily Gleeson (Ireland)  – Chair
  • Hrvoje Bobinac (Croatia)
  • Sinéad Duffy (Ireland)
  • Martina Junge (EMS)
  • Hanneke Luijting (The Netherlands)
  • Fritz Neuwirth (Austria)
  • Andrea Oestreich (EMS)
  • Piia Post (Estonia)
  • Bob Riddaway (UK)

Emily Gleeson, Ireland (chair)
Emily Gleeson is currently working as a research meteorologist with the Irish Meteorological Service, Met Éireann. In particular, she is working on the development of physical processes in the HARMONIE-AROME numerical weather prediction model. She has also worked on a high resolution regional reanalysis for Ireland, climate modelling using the EC-Earth model and as an operational weather forecaster.

Emily was Secretary of the Irish Meteorological Society between 2009 and 2012, before joining the EMS Editorial Board in 2012. The Editorial Board had recently become the Liaison Committee tasked with enhancing communication with and between EMS members.

Hrvoje Bobinac (Croatia)

Hrvoje Bobinac graduated with a degree  in meteorology and physical oceanography from Zagreb University. He then joined Siemens in Zagreb, where he first worked in the field of telecommunications as a network engineer, later in a project related to OTT solutions and finally and a few years ago  he switched to Industry sector.
He also worked in the Air Quality unit of the Croatian Environment Agency for a short time.

Hrvoje is a member of the Croatian Meteorological Society (HMD), where he is responsible for preparing the Annual Report.

Sinéad Duffy (Ireland)






photo Martina JungeMartina Junge (EMS)

Martina Junge is the Executive Secretary of the EMS. Her main role is to coordinate all EMS activities and to support the EMS Bureau, Council,  committees and project teams in their initiatives and projects, with the preparation and coordination of the Annual Meeting programmes being a major part of this.

She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the association along with Andrea Oestreich, manages the EMS office, handles the communication with partner organisations and promotes the actiities of the EMS and its Members organisations.

Hanneke Luijting (The Netherlands)

Hanneke Luijting received her PhD on the topic of katabatic winds in Antarctica from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) in 2010. She worked at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute for 8 years, the first 6 years as an operational weather forecaster in Tromsø and later as a researcher at the Department for Development of Weather Forecasting in Oslo. Her research interests are surface processes, snow, wind and Arctic meteorology. She also led a development project in collaboration with the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.


Fritz Neuwirth (Austria)

Fritz Neuwirth is the chairman of the Austrian Meteorological Society ÖGM, retired Director of the Austrian Meteorological Service ZAMG. He was an EMS Vice-President during the founding years of EMS, and its President from 2009 to 2011.





Andrea Oestreich (EMS)

Andrea Oestreich is the Assistant of the EME Executive Secretary.  She graduated with a degree in meteorology from the Free University of Berlin. Her diploma thesis dealt with cloud classification from satellite data. For a number of years, Andrea has been working as a freelance expert in meteorology.

Andrea has been a member of the German Meteorological Society (DMG) for more than 20 years, and is currently the Treasurer of the Berlin-Brandenburg regional DMG-section. She is also a member of the Belgian Société Royale Belge d’Astronomie, de Météorologie et de Physique du Globe.

Piia Post; photo by Tanel Voormansik

Piia Post (Estonia)

Piia Post is Associate Professor of Meteorology and Climatology at the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu, where she teaches  meteorology and climatology.

She has expertise in remote sensing of the atmosphere, specifically of clouds and trace gases, but recently has focussed on large-scale atmospheric circulation and its impacts on extreme hydro-climate events.
Piia organises training courses for students, as well as local and regional conferences. She has been involved in the Baltic Earth network of earth system scientists.


Bob Riddaway (UK)


Bob Riddaway is the current President of the EMS. He has been elected in September 2017 for a three year term.

He has been a member of this committee since its establishment in 2008 and also chaired it.